Quality Policy


STEELPUMPS was born in 2004 starting the production of electric pumps for domestic and industrial use, entirely in stainless steel. Over the years, the Company’s visibility has grown thanks also to the innovative elements of its products. A very important and strategic point of STEELPUMPS commercial philosophy is that it was the first Company in the world to have created products with UP-DOWN WATER technology, products that can be installed autonomously both submerged and on the surface, without the need for additional accessories.

 The Management has established that the priority aspects that must be followed with determination, in the context of all the activities carried out and with the involvement of all staff, are the quality of company performance and the satisfaction of its customers. This is why it has decided to develop a Quality Management System compliant with the ISO 9001 standard; the system is based on a risk-based thinking approach that allows the organization to determine the factors that could generate process deviations and to implement preventive controls to minimize negative effects and better seize opportunities from the market by anticipating trends.

 The strategic objectives include:

  • achievement of the Quality Management System certification by an accredited certification authority, demonstrating the Company’s ability to guarantee compliance with customer requirements, reference regulatory requirements and applicable statutory requirements
  • achievement and continuous improvement of the quality of company performance, in terms of:

– identification of the express and implicit requirements of customers through clarity in contractual relationships

– compliance with contractual requirements through compliance checks on materials and processes, maintenance of established work plans

– anticipation of present and future customer expectations, by identifying any changes in needs and the flexibility of processes in responding to them

  • collection and evaluation of feedback from customers, in order to identify their level of satisfaction and perception about the quality of Company performance
  • training of its personnel and continuous updating on regulations and technological aspects relating to production processes
  • constant involvement of all personnel for the correct functioning and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, in order to increase the aspects of effectiveness in achieving the results
  • to maintain a high level of satisfaction of stakeholders always, in particular of its customers and partners

The above-mentioned strategic guidelines establish responsibilities of a general nature that are translated into operational objectives of a quantitative and monitorable type and into quality improvement plans, or are concretized in the context of annual quality planning activities, which therefore determine the structural framework of reference for the formulation and review of the objectives themselves.

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